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Race programme


Race course

The race programme has been developed in collaboration with John Oliver and follows the ICF rules, adapted to fit the course at Cradle Moon. As per usual, the race distance is race category dependent. The race distances for each event are provided in the attached programme of events.

The programme runs over three days: Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with Monday being a public holiday.

The 2019 Marathon Championships will be held at Cradle Moon Lake. Athletes will paddle three laps of approximately 2.8km each before their first portage (ie, first portage at the end of third lap). 

The portage of approximately 100m will be jetty take-out and jetty put-in.  The final short lap will be 1km (500m out, 500m back).

The short lap will follow the usual course until the “short lap turning buoys” and then it will be a straight drag to the finishing line, not a separate route inside of the trees  


The number of laps in a race depends on the age category race. Note that actual race distances may vary slightly once the course is constructed.

Full course with long lap and short lap

Watch an overview of the course

Race Rules

The 2019 South African canoe marathon champs will follow the ICF rules and the rules in the Canoeing South Africa handbook. 

To read the rules, please click on the relevant link:

International Marathon Rules:



Canoeing South Africa paddlers handbook: